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Bridge Financial Planning helps busy professionals develop financial strategies

to connect today’s realities with goals for the future.

With professional guidance you’ll stay in control of your finances. 

Our Process Starts with You.




During our initial consultation, we learn what’s important to you and hear about your current circumstances. By understanding where you are now, we can develop a plan that takes you where you’d like to go.

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We spend time with the information you’ve shared to develop a plan that meets your needs in an efficient and effective way. The best plan is the one that’s tailored to your needs and accomplished with your priorities first.



Having a plan is a good start, but it must be implemented or its value is lost! Whether you’re a project based client or receive ongoing services, you’ll know what the next steps are to implement your plan and start making progress.



Life happens! Changes to your plan are inevitable. We will help you monitor and adjust for ongoing changes to income, inflation, spending habits, family dynamics, career changes, and other topics.

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Your numbers tell a story.

We can chart a course to your financial goals.


Who we help.


We know you’re busy and juggling a lot of different priorities including day to day life, family, and career. Our role is to help you identify your long term priorities & goals and help you implement planning & investment strategies that are aligned. This allows you to focus on all the other things that are important to you!


Looking for an unbiased second set of eyes without wanting to be sold products to fund advice? We can help you fine tune your plan and watch out for blind spots.


Many entrepreneurs have a lot of assets tied up in their business. That doesn’t mean you don’t have planning needs - in fact, there are some planning needs that are specific to business owners! We don’t have investment minimums because we know that while investable assets are an important piece to a financial plan, they are not the only one.

As of December 2018, roughly 40% of our clients were business owners.


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