We're Celebrating 4 years!

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Today marks 4 years since Bridge Financial Planning began, and this year will mark 19 years since starting my career in this industry.

I strongly believe in the value of a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy. As I thought through building this business and what we would offer to our clients, it was clear that it needed to be a bit different than the standard model. What would I expect for my family if we were in the client seat? That question guides many of my decisions for the Bridge Financial Planning business model. There is a need and a demand for truly comprehensive financial planning and investing that is held to a fiduciary standard with clear pricing. I am extremely proud of what we’re building and thankful for the trust of our clients.

2018 was a busy year for us at Bridge Financial Planning. We moved into our new offices, worked through our first full regulatory audit, and I continued my professional development by completing the exams for a tax designation. Allyson is just a few short months away from completing the CFP experience requirements to use the designation and completed the 2018 FPA Financial Planning Residency at the University of Utah. We’ve also become a Greenlight Certified business dedicated to sustainable business practices. We are dedicated and excited to serve our clients with even more resources in 2019.

What we’re most proud of is what our clients have accomplished! We’ve cheered as a few clients transitioned into retirement. We’ve helped plan for education expenses, growing families, building dream homes, travel, to reduce and/or eliminate debt, to grow their businesses, and develop plans for their future goals.

We’ve also had the honor to work with clients through some of their most difficult times. During times of loss, whether from the death of a loved one, divorce, illness or other big life challenges; having a strategy can help avoid hasty decisions that can make a bad situation worse. It’s a difficult process, but necessary.

We love seeing our clients make progress, whether through celebration or healing. It’s why we do what we do.

Thank you!

Jennifer Harper

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