Reflections after 3 years.

Three years ago today I started Bridge Financial Planning. After 15 years in the industry, I knew the ins and outs, and knew a few changes to the traditional model were needed to build what I would want for my family if we were in the client seat.

Clients don’t come in standard packages, so why make service models (and yes, fee models) be one size fits all? Why build a model that's solely based on investments, when financial planning is SO much more? Too often I saw business owners and families that needed professional advice be turned away or poorly served by the standard model.

Eliminating commissions and taking the steps to become a NAPFA fee-only firm is another way we align our services with the needs of our clients. No one should have to concern themselves about that distinction, but until we have professional standards in the industry that unequivocally put the client first, we believe it’s a necessary step to distinguish product sales from professional advice.

We still have a long way to go to reach the goals I’ve set – for our clients and for the business. But after three years, I’m happy to see that our vision has come to life and it's working to help our clients make progress toward their goals.

Seeing our clients make progress will always be our greatest joy. We’ve helped clients become more tax efficient with their investments, address their insurance needs, business planning, and education funding goals. We’ve had the opportunity to work with business owners through the process of discovering their business’ value and exploring the opportunities they have. We've helped our clients have meaningful conversations with their children about their values and dreams for the next generation. We've been inspired by their charitable giving. We've watched families and businesses grow! Many clients have greatly reduced or eliminated debt, created an estate plan, aligned their investment portfolios, and put their long-term goals and dreams in writing. Without that step, too often we can feel that saving and investing is an act of sacrifice instead of an act of progress toward meaningful goals.

We continue to commit to the cornerstones that built our foundation. We know that when our clients are served well, we will do well. We know that transparency is simply a great policy. We know that financial planning and investing can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. 

We love what we do and hope that it shows through our work.

To our clients – A heartfelt Thank You!

Jennifer B. Harper,  CFP®


Important Announcement!

This year, we’re happy to announce that our Associate Advisor, Allyson Hauss, will be accepting new clients. Her specialties are working with professionals in early to mid-career, and with independent women in search of financial serenity. She is a candidate for CFP® certification.